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Author Topic:   The Simplest Protein of Life
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10-15-2012 2:10 AM
Reply to: Message 46 by zaius137
10-15-2012 1:42 AM

Re: don’t blow a gasket

Percy, I have honestly tried decipher your logic. If I am correct, you are trying to place the cart before the horse.

My point is that there must be a desired outcome prior to testing an outcome. Consider the following relation….

Singular Probability = Desired outcome/possible outcomes

Can you explain how this is relevant when the point under discussion is identifying the correct "desired outcome" to use ? (I also note that we have no basis for saying that there was a genuinely "desired outcome" prior to the actual event - of necessity we are identifying the outcomes of interest after the fact).


I cannot deny the context of the used quotation because I do not have the actual material to form an objection to its use. That doesn’t stop me from having reservations about the enormous number cited for alternate functional cytochrome C.

I don't see any valid reason to have reservations.


For instance this number is not only higher that the total number of atoms in the universe

Why should this be a problem ? We are talking about the number of possible configurations, not actually realised configurations. A sequence of 1,000 bits has 10^300 possible combinations. Does that pose any difficulty to tossing a coin 1,000 times ?


it also exceeds Borel’s limit (10^50) which basically sets a limit on the total number of chemical reactions that could have taken place since the Big Bang

And how is that relevant ?


. So I am pointing out that since the possible number of chemical reactions in the universe was exceeded by 45 orders of magnitude there could never be 2.3 x 10^93 configurations. I simply need to read the citation.

Obviously you don't even understand what the figure actually refers to. This objection is sheer nonsense.

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 Message 46 by zaius137, posted 10-15-2012 1:42 AM zaius137 has not yet responded

Posts: 15318
Joined: 01-10-2003
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Message 78 of 281 (675775)
10-15-2012 5:52 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by BoredomSetsIn
10-01-2012 9:00 AM

Did anyone else notice that the calculation in the OP was horribly wrong ? 17 ^ 124 isn't anywhere near 10 ^ 552 - and anyone who does even a rough check can easily see that. (100 ^ 124 is "only" 10 ^ 248 !)

The correct figure is of the order of 10 ^ 152, a difference of 400 orders of magnitude.

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 Message 1 by BoredomSetsIn, posted 10-01-2012 9:00 AM BoredomSetsIn has not yet responded

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