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Author Topic:   I Know That God Does Not Exist
a servant of Christ
Inactive Member

Message 1448 of 2467 (858893)
07-25-2019 12:03 AM

According to OP's framework, everyone knows that God does not exist.

But in the scouring of information about God, the OP has neglected certain forms of information: narrative, myth, story, tradition, vision, and man's creative ability to worship.

There is probably little difference in "knowing" between OP and a Jamaican woman inside of a roadside church fervently clapping, singing, dancing, writhing, and praying to an "unknown" God, but this does not impede her worship.

I think that for many believers, the first step of belief is to acknowledge that we cannot know enough about the universe to presume that we are not created beings.

I would really question the power of knowing. In fact it seems that knowing is a trap to create a false worldview. Knowing is not a power that mankind has; we must rely on belief.

I believe in Creationism. You "know" that the world was built out of evolutionary mechanisms. But really all we are doing is choosing to believe certain things about a dark and mysterious world. The science of the physical world is but glimmers into the nature of reality.

As humans, we must often rely on revelation to reconcile what we do not know, with what is.

We did not know that God walked on earth as man, named Jesus Christ, until it was told to us by those who heard of it from others who invariably heard it from the men and women to whom it was divinely and interpersonally revealed to by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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 Message 1451 by Thugpreacha, posted 07-25-2019 7:32 AM a servant of Christ has responded

a servant of Christ
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Message 1458 of 2467 (858942)
07-25-2019 9:42 PM
Reply to: Message 1451 by Thugpreacha
07-25-2019 7:32 AM

Re: Hashing Out Belief and Rationality
hey man, i checked out your facebook page. you are a very eloquent man. i think charlie would like to talk to you on video. problem is he works too much, as do i. but i think we can eventually have a chat.

your persona on here can be self-deprecating at times (perhaps my biases from the past talking here), but you seem like a really confident, put-together person, could've been a senator.

anyway, let's work on getting there.

this site is basically a greek chorus for the secular worldview, it's no wonder they can't find any creationists to talk to. we know a rigged game when we see one.

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 Message 1451 by Thugpreacha, posted 07-25-2019 7:32 AM Thugpreacha has acknowledged this reply

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