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Author Topic:   faith based science?
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10-25-2012 2:02 AM
Reply to: Message 37 by eclectic1993
10-25-2012 1:10 AM

uring the 70s our science books indoctrinated us into the theory of evolution. I wasn't a Christian and had no other perspective. So I sucked it up. We began with something like primordial ooze, life beginning, then apes, eventually man. That's how evolution was presented in American public schools. The hard evidence consisted of various bone fragments and chips. Of course all of the evidence at that time could be placed on top of your desk. Not very scientific.

It must have been a big desk, by the 70s we had found multiple specimens of multiple species of the ancestors of Homo sapiens

So, abiogenesis moved outside the purview of evolution. I understand science needs to be broken into smaller buckets as knowledge increases. Now it is no longer an issue for ToE. I suspect that Charlie Darwin might roll over in his grave to know that his "Origin of Species" has nothing to do with the Theory of Evolution. But I'm not a revisionist so I'll let that small travesty stand. j/k

But this is not true at all, Darwin's work is very much relevant to the theory of evolution. The book is about the origin of species, you can tell that by it's title, not the origin of life.

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