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Author Topic:   Alpha-Omega universes in free fall
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10-28-2012 7:22 AM
Reply to: Message 15 by sunshaker
10-26-2012 8:35 PM

Journey To The Center Of The Mind
Maybe after a super nova we should check nearby black holes or look for gamma ray bursts.
What will we be looking for?

After answering that, tell me why we want to find this place/thing

Or do we just go along calling it DARK something because no one really knows. Or is it that only scientists who really have no idea what dark matter or dark energy is, what makes up the majority of our universe can give the name "DARK" and everyone goes along like sheep.
We could always call it Dark Shadows

As for sheep, they have to follow something. Im more interested in the Shepherds state of mind. In the Faith/Belief forum, I can speculate where He is leading us, but in a science forum I am still questioning what it is we are looking for. Any ideas?

still havent found what im looking for

Edited by Phat, : added light to search yonder shadows

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