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Author Topic:   Report Discussion Problems Here 4.0
Trump won 
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07-26-2020 11:55 PM

this site is deader than a doornail. it's not one issue, it's many.

it's basically become a joe biden fillibuster

sad to see a place that was at one point dynamic for social media standards descend into complete anachronism.

i wouldn't honestly care at all, but i have nowhere else to get my social media fix right now.

i would make suggestions to encourage board participation, but they would fall on deaf ears. this place is apparently hellbent on falling into anachronistic, digital dust.

anyway, continue falling on your sword, EvC. you're still more relevant than reddit i suppose, despite the huge traffic disparity.

that's not exactly a compliment.

you have a nicer cesspool.

i guess at some point percy will become bored with paying bandwidth?

as trump would say,


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 Message 786 by ringo, posted 07-27-2020 9:19 AM Trump won has not yet responded

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