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Author Topic:   Creationism Road Trip
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Message 274 of 409 (680539)
11-19-2012 9:44 PM

Time for a pause - Temp. closure coming in 30 minutes
This topic is accumulating a lot of messages (about 100 messages in 18 hours on Nov. 19th so far).

Offhand, the messages seem to have a good quality level. But I think it's time to slow down and give people a chance to actually read all those good messages.

In no less than 30 minutes, I'm going to close the topic for 24 hours or so.

If this happens and you have a great message that you can't post, save it as a text file and post it when the topic reopens.

If this temporary topic closure really bothers you, find an appropriate topic to post your gripe.


Or something like that©.

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