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Author Topic:   In Memoriam - Buzsaw
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12-03-2012 7:35 PM

Buz and I had a fair rew run-ins. I've not been here for a little while and have just found out about Buz passing.


I never made my peace with Buz, but dear God, I know now just how much I liked him, admired him and respected him. I can NEVER tell him how sorry I am, it's too late.

Far too often we forget the person behind the post. We become unkind in what we say. We don't stop to think that it's another thinking, feeling human at the other end.

I'm heartbroken that I never made my peace with him. Dearest Buz, rest in the arms of the Lord.

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 Message 86 by foreveryoung, posted 12-03-2012 7:45 PM Trixie has not yet responded

Member (Idle past 2604 days)
Posts: 1011
From: Edinburgh
Joined: 01-03-2004

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12-06-2012 8:09 PM

Me and Buz agreed on this!
Way back in February of this year, I posted a piece of music in the "Music that moves you" thread. Buz replied because he likedit so much and I'd like to post it in this thread. It's from the movie "Sunshine" directed by Danny Boyle and called simply Adagio in D Minor by John Murphy.

This is for Buz.


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