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Author Topic:   In Memoriam - Buzsaw
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11-23-2012 3:58 PM

Was busy these weeks, so I didn't pay my respects yet.

I didn't interact that much with Buz. Maybe.. once or so? I read a lot his posts in the older topics though.

In the months in which I read most of the posts, he remained on friendly terms in spite of radical views and his defiance of his blocking on the science forum. And after his death, seeing so much positive reactions pouring out of 8 years of debating leaves a strong impression on me.

This reminds me though.. It's sentimental, but one of the first things that came to mind when I heard the news. Maybe it has been said already and I missed it, but..

I would propose to restore his accounts access to the science forums. It's completely irrational, but.. I just find it fitting.

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