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Author Topic:   hey, bacteria communicate:
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11-14-2012 12:11 AM

*sips beer*
This is an old Ted talks, has anything she’s saying changed?
-bacteria protect and read its host and communicate to each other.
-bacteria vote.
-attack when they have sufficient numbers only.
-can count their own siblings.
-do not live alone with only one species of its type.
-can speak multiple languages.
-have a master language for all bacteria.
-all share one common 5 atom molecule, which is the language basis.
-science wants to shut the bacteria up. To reduce bacteria that release virus.
-scientist kills some rats. And makes bacteria.
-scientists think bacteria set the rules to life including our own.
-bacteria can distinguish identities of individuals of their types.
-humans are 99% bacteria.
-scientists decide to help bacteria talk to each other better. To fight disease.
-something about science being done by 30 year old 'kids'.
-she say's thank you and giggles away.


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