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Author Topic:   Phat Unplugged
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Message 22 of 58 (887001)
06-27-2021 6:56 PM
Reply to: Message 21 by Percy
06-23-2021 9:22 AM

Re: The Pandemic Accelerated My Health Problems
Percy writes:

hat equates to a blood sugar of around 270, a very dangerous level. You're at high risk for complications like heart disease, neuropathy, kidney damage or failure, vision damage or even blindness, and vascular cognitive impairment.

Unfortunately, that explains a lot, including recent cognitive decline.

Phat, diabetes is not a game, Left untreated, I estimate your life will be over in a matter of months, not years. My wife did not take her diabetes seriously and died at 56 back in 2012. The head RN at the doctor's office chewed her out for not doing so less than 6 months earlier, but was ignored.

Is that the path you wish to take?

The problem with knowing everything is learning nothing.

If you don't know what you're doing, find someone who does, and do what they do.

Republican = death

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