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Author Topic:   Is the speed of light constant between galaxies?
New Cat's Eye
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Message 43 of 66 (680112)
11-17-2012 4:55 PM
Reply to: Message 41 by sunshaker
11-17-2012 10:48 AM

Just thought i would add a little more on what will occur again in our distant future, on the life of our local universe,
As i have said "all matter and energies" both common and dark dropped through into this lower dimensional space, and rapidly expanded, still expanding, but also falling,
This expanding of "dark matter" produces all the building blocks of the matter and energies we can now see or detect,
At the moment we are in a universe bubble made of "dark matter", now full of pockets of this lower d space,
As we continue to fall and expand dark matter will eventually be no more it will be transformed into common matter, the universe bubble will be no more, but all matter and energies will continnue to fall, in this lower d space,
All this matter(planets stars, most long dead) eventually "settle", where other "gravitational forces" take hold, and start clumpping this matter together again, forming what i call the "Omega" consisting of all that as ever been,
Once again this "Omega" will become to massive for this dimension and fall through yet again into lower d space, and rapidly expand, And it all begins again.

Why should I accept that model over, say, this one:

Any reason?

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 Message 41 by sunshaker, posted 11-17-2012 10:48 AM sunshaker has taken no action

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