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12-01-2012 9:24 AM
Reply to: Message 2 by kofh2u
12-01-2012 8:23 AM

kofh2u writes:

Those threadsignored the enormous impact of confirming by science that, indeed, Genesis was absolutely correct.

It supports divine knowledge that 3362 year ago, long before anyone could possibly have known for sure, Genesis stated that seven historical durations measure the sequence of cosmic evolution.

You may want to see EvoWiki's response to this specific claim.

At any rate, so-called "Biblical scientific foreknowledge" is, in my opinion, absolutely worthless in and of itself, even if it were the case. That simple observations of nature (i.e. certain causes and effects) recorded by some ancient peoples is hardly earth-shaking; in fact it could be seen to be no more than the primitive beginnings of what we today call science.

On the other hand, a certain handful of Old Testament passages have been trumpeted as genuine divinely-inspired scientific foreknowledge, even though most of them comes from what is clearly Hebrew poetry, including the Genesis 1 narrative(!). And, like any poetry, such creative writings are absolutely rife with metaphorical allusions, which themselves could be interpreted in dozens of alternative ways (scientific interpretations being the most strained).

Even if a given passage of the Bible is actually relaying accurate scientific knowledge of some sort, exactly how are we to know, except well after the fact of later scientific discoveries??? Note that I do not bash the Bible in saying this, but am merely pointing out the obvious limitations and lack of utility of misusing the Bible in this absurd way.


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