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Author Topic:   The cosmic conspiracy.
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09-14-2013 11:43 AM

And yet you claim the residual energy from the BB is keeping the universe at a constant 2.7K and then want me to believe the universe is electrically neutral.
Your very own science tells you plasma is a distinct state of matter and does not behave like solids, liquids or gasses. But then you go right ahead and treat it as nothing more than a solid, liquid or gas in the math. I am still waiting for your reasoning behind violating your own science?
Did you ever consider that if they started treating plasma like the distinct state of matter they claim it to be, the math might work out and you might not need to include Fairie Dust to kludge your theories?
Every single solar model you had was falsified by Voyager, IBEX and THEMIS missions, yet you expect me to believe those theories are alive and well? I fail to see your justification for the correctness of those models all proved incorrect? On what basic model are you relying on of what the sun is, or how it or the universe behaves? They have all been falsified, every single one.
The magnetic field did not change directions, the cosmic rays are all coming preferentially from one direction, , solar convection is 99 orders of magnitude too slow, the solar wind slowed to a stop at the heliospheric boundry, after accelerating out past the orbit of Jupiter. Every expectation you had was falsified by direct observation and measurements.
This just of the sun. Mainstream can't even get the star 1 AU away from us correct, and I am to believe they understand things billions of light years away where we can never measure them? What fantasy land do you live in?
Your solar model has been falsified, which in turn falsifies your supernova theory, which falsifies your expansion theory. Convection on the sun falsified your thermonuclear model and your magnetic reconnection theory you wanted to use to explain the measured electric currents. These falsify your star formation theories which in turn falsifies your galactic formation models which falsifies your BB. You currently have NO working models to rely on, every one has been falsified by direct observations and experiments.
But the biggest blunder is mainstreams insistence that plasma is a distinct state of matter that does not behave like solids, liquids and gasses. Then they go right head and treat it in the math as nothing more than those very solids, liquids and gasses they insist it acts nothing like. How do you justify this hypocricy by mainstream? How do you justify your Fairie Dust when you are violating your own science to uphold it?
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