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Author Topic:   A personal morality
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04-06-2007 7:23 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by Rob
04-02-2007 11:18 PM

Re: you are correct...
And if life is not meaningful and chaos is the only reality, then what is the difference between Ghengis Khan and Jesus?

I know what you meant by this, but as you present yourself, it would seem the difference is actually minor.

If someone is following Jesus because they fear that he will at some point show up with a sword to punish those who ignore his commands, then the difference between him and Genghis Khan would seem to be one of not type but simply degree of punishment.

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Member (Idle past 2861 days)
Posts: 442
From: Fremont, CA, USA
Joined: 06-18-2004

Message 124 of 196 (393767)
04-06-2007 9:22 PM
Reply to: Message 119 by New Cat's Eye
04-06-2007 2:58 PM

Re: Talkin' 'bout my morality...
There are behaviors that my conscience tells me are immoral that I enjoy doing. I try to avoid these behaviors for some of the following reasons:

The affects they have on other people.

The affects they have on me.

The affects they have on God.

Sometimes I avoid the behaviors for all three reasons sometimes for just one.

If I lost my faith and became atheist, the immoral behaviors that I avoid because of their affects on God alone would have no reason to be avoided anymore.

If I became an atheist, I would behave more immorally.

It seems to me you’re trying to do moral math here along the lines of, “If I have one less moral source then I have less overall morals.” This would require that one did not replace one's foundation of God morality with something else. It also precludes your remaining moral foundations not picking up the slack and becoming more complex.

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