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Author Topic:   Kent Hovind's Doctoral dissertation
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12-09-2013 12:46 AM
Reply to: Message 43 by yenmor
12-08-2013 5:44 PM

Re: Kent is in jail but able to get online
Kent is in a minimum security facility in Berlin New Hampshire.


Apparently he has access to the Internet or at least to email.

Some excerpts of interest:

1:30 pm Teach GED math class. This is both a blessing and a real eye opener! Many others have documented the planned, deliberate decline in the American public school system so I will simply add my voice to say, “Wow! What a problem! What a lack of learning!“

This from someone who thinks the odds of rolling dice and getting a pair of sixes is 1/12 instead of 1/36.

2:30 pm ... I make $17 per month for teaching in the GED classes. Not bad for fifteen year’s experience and five post graduate degrees!

6:00 pm For over four years I have been working on another degree. The last requirement is the writing of another dissertation. I have been writing this during the past several years. I was about 90% finished, and was having it mailed back to me for the final proof and additions before I submitted to the school. The mail room here sent the rough draft back saying that because I did not take the courses offered here at the prison, I could not receive it. For the last six months I have filed papers back and forth with prison officials requesting that I be allowed to be given all my mail. I could write a book on the ridiculous obstacles the prison officials have put in my way but then, Nehemiah, Moses, and a host of others had problems to overcome as well. It sure seems like someone, maybe Satan, does NOT want this information to be printed! The dissertation is based on II Peter 3 where the scoffers are ignorant of the creation, the flood, and the coming judgment. I’ll keep trying!

His latest 'dissertation'

An excerpt that deals with 'science'

Evidences from Space
1. The sun is burning. Go outside on a sunny day and see for yourself. As it burns, it loses about five million tons of fuel every second! For about 150 years, direct measurements of the sun’s diameter have been made. These records indicate that the sun is shrinking about five feet every hour. If we went backward in time, adding five feet to the sun’s diameter and five million tons to its mass, it wouldn’t take long to create a serious problem! Changing the sun’s mass would upset gravity and pull Earth (and all the planets) in. If the sun were larger and heavier, the heat would be a serious problem at some point in the past! It would certainly prevent life from being here billions of years ago like the evolution theory teaches.

This pratt has been refuted for at least the past 20 years yet it is current in his dissertation.

His blog posts about science:

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12-09-2013 2:55 AM
Reply to: Message 45 by RAZD
12-08-2013 8:38 PM

Ah, but it is an accredited school, *cough*
Who accredits Patriot Bible University? ACI, Accrediting Commission International
We are primarily a religious school accrediting agency.


Student Benefits of Non-governmental Accreditation

A. Students can be sure the curriculum is doctrinally pure and has not been influenced by secular or non-Christian theology.

B. Curriculum writers are free to present the course knowledge in a way that the Holy Spirit has influenced them to believe is best for the student.

A student must understand that credits taken in one type of program may, or may not, transfer to another educational program. This is the sole determination of the receiving institution and not a function of the accreditation agency.

ACI accreditation is not to be confused with regional accreditation which is governed by the U.S. Department of Education. A school or employer which requires a regionally accredited degree will likely not accept a non-governmentally accredited degree. Patriot Bible University nor ACI are responsible for a student's employability.

Back to Patriot Bible University, from the course catalog:

EM 201—Child Evangelism
Any Christian can lead a child to Christ! It is a unique
opportunity given by the Holy Spirit. A little child can
believe in Christ. Some say he can’t; Jesus says he can. It is
easier to win a child than to win an adult. People saved while
a child have a much greater chance of a lifetime of service
for the Lord. Discover effective ways to gently point children
toward Christ and the salvation He offers.


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