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Author Topic:   the new new testament???
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Message 226 of 226 (707263)
09-25-2013 12:09 PM
Reply to: Message 225 by Dawn Bertot
09-24-2013 5:03 PM

Re: whats your "evidence" for that?
Dawn Bertot writes:

Specifically they were not included because the people that had access to the actual detailed facts, IOWs they were actually there.

That isn't specific. Name the people. Show that they had access to "the" detailed facts. Show what those detailed facts were. Show that they were there.

But that isn't even what I asked you. I asked you to demonstrate that the non-canonical books - and the documents that have been discovered after the canons were set in stone - do not meet the same standards.

Dawn Bertot writes:

History and time support my position, not wiki. I simply quoted those books to see if you could find them in any known Canon

I guess you cant

That's the point. Why are some books in some canons and not in others?

I guess you don't know.

Because all you're saying is that the compilers of your prefered canaon musta known what was accurate and what wasn't. Yet you can't seem to supply any specifics.

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 Message 225 by Dawn Bertot, posted 09-24-2013 5:03 PM Dawn Bertot has not yet responded

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