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Author Topic:   Question for creationists: Why would you rather believe in a small God?
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07-21-2013 8:28 PM
Reply to: Message 240 by Stile
07-18-2013 11:04 AM

Faith and the Cheetah
the cheetah's low amount of genetic variation
I got some good mileage out of this pratt toward explaining punctuated equilibrium.
EvC Forum: Does Neo-Darwinian evolution require change ?
With pictures !!!

So why is the creationist version of widespread speciation due to heritable variance and natural selection called microevolution? It seems to me the terms are reversed.
for the wide variety of different critters we now have to all come from one microscopic bug over half a billion years, slowly and sensibly, strikes me as the micro category. For them all to spring from the small number of livestock (7 pairs each) and vermin (2 pairs) that could be represented on a 3-story wooden boat, in less than 5000 years, would seriously be macroevolution.
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