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Author Topic:   Age of mankind, dating, and the flood
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12-03-2014 2:59 PM
Reply to: Message 211 by Coyote
10-09-2014 6:42 PM

Please try to stick with the thread's main subjects.

To be fair, a discussion with the title of "Age of mankind, dating, and the flood" is almost bound to go haywire at some point. At least, imo. In one of the early posts, we had "biblical scholars dating the flood at 4300 BC" if memory serves me correctly. We might have had people who read the Bible and believe it to be literally true dating the flood at 4300 BCE, but to call them "scholars" is exceedingly generous and in fact illustrates the problem of discussions of this sort. It would be like trying to use scientific dating to determine the date that Prometheus gave fire to mankind. Things are going to go seriously haywire.

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