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Author Topic:   Trying to find - Something about quantum states
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09-26-2013 9:33 PM
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09-24-2013 1:25 AM

Re: Thread Copied from Proposed New Topics Forum
I'm unaware of any research that computer simulated temperature variables at the quantum level is being considered for the strange behavior of particles. It's theorized that the bang attained temperatures in the incomprehensible range and I , profydiddy , postulate that particles behave in this state because laws of physics haven't even been established that could account for the bizarre nature of this plank time state of particle interaction. Upon cooling, particle behavior became aligned with physical laws that came into existence to accommodate the properties that could now be applied to more coherent particle interaction. Adding incrementally simulated temperature increases to the known measurable state at the quantum level, should, like reverse engineering, eventually lead back to that mother of all anomalies the singularity or the ultimate quantum state of matter.
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