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Author Topic:   WTF is wrong with people
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10-08-2013 6:39 AM
Reply to: Message 196 by Faith
10-04-2013 1:09 AM

Re: What's wrong!
I admit I havenĀ“t read every single post...ever in this forum but considering that there are several people who do science for living and they all disagree with you that it might be you who is wrong and not them?

I have also failed to find what kind of doctorate in life sciences you hold, what publications of yours I could read and where do you do your research.

I would not enter the fora of quantum physics since I have nothing meaninful to contribute - why do you and creationists in general think that re-hashing the Bible, distorting evidence and research and downright lying would do?

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Posts: 265
From: Finland
Joined: 12-17-2009

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10-10-2013 2:49 AM
Reply to: Message 274 by New Cat's Eye
10-08-2013 10:10 AM

Re: What's wrong!
Yeah... what's wrong with them?

Its ignorance and arrogance. They're too dumb to realize they're wrong and too cocky to even begin to doubt themselves. It stems from the Bible-Believing part. They think they already have the answers and that they've been given to them by supernatural means. That, is what's wrong with them.

I agree with you 100 %. I really wonder if the same people are as willing to go and tell scientists from other fields how to do their job? It seems that cretins think they are experts somehow instinctively - or is it that they are just "experts" on fields that most shake their fragile faith?
Gravity is way less explained than evolution yet I do not see cretins offering Intelligent Descent as a solution.


"I believe in evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers. I'll believe anything, no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and more solid the evidence will have to be."

Isaac Asimov

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 Message 274 by New Cat's Eye, posted 10-08-2013 10:10 AM New Cat's Eye has not yet responded

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