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Author Topic:   The weather outside is frightful
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Message 84 of 134 (852779)
05-16-2019 4:58 PM
Reply to: Message 82 by ooh-child
05-16-2019 4:04 PM

Re: snow in May
ooh-child writes:

We get half a dozen storms per year, unfortunately it's not enough for some folks around here to learn how to drive in them. I learned to drive in Idaho so snowy roads don't bother me.

I live in Idaho, and we are seeing a massive influx of Californians into the state. It's a bit funny to see cars with California plates on the side of the road after the first snow storm.

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Posts: 8429
Joined: 03-06-2009
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Message 96 of 134 (852927)
05-20-2019 4:25 PM
Reply to: Message 94 by Tanypteryx
05-18-2019 6:38 PM

Re: Thunder and Lightning
Tanypteryx writes:

i'm having a tremendous lightning storm here, which is a rarity.

That front got to us in Idaho the next day, and it was pretty nasty at times. No lightning, but there were some downpours that were so heavy I had to slow my car down to 35 mph on the freeway just to see where I was going, and even then it was 50% guessing. It is extremely rare to have these types of downpours in our area.

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