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Author Topic:   Is there a legitimate argument for design?
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04-28-2014 9:56 AM
Reply to: Message 291 by Faith
04-28-2014 4:19 AM

The appendix for instance is very likely an organ that used to have a function, that it lost over the millennia due to the gradual deterioration of the body since the Fall. Wisdom teeth are no doubt a similar situation. Perhaps hemoglobin also used to serve functions now lost.

What about just fat people, in general? Like, is that part of "The Fall"...? Remember when everyone was skinny in America? Seems like many have "fallen" into obesity because, well, god said not to eat from a tree. Since then we just can't stop eating. Does that sound right?

I'm not sure it does.

- Oni

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 Message 291 by Faith, posted 04-28-2014 4:19 AM Faith has taken no action

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