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Author Topic:   33% of Americas Reject Evolution
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04-08-2014 1:21 PM
Reply to: Message 9 by Gus
03-23-2014 5:16 PM

33% of Americans are delusional
Gus, you wrote,
If about 33% reject evolution, it's quite shocking that only 1/3 are on the right track.

Yes, it is shocking that only 33% of Americans accept the fact of evolution through natural selection, especially since it has been observed, backed up by the fossil record, human/chimp chromosomes, and ERVs in the human genome.

To those who know the Bible, not that much of a shock any more, but still disturbing.

Does the Bible have something to say about Americans and this recent poll..? Perhaps you can direct me to that part of scripture..?

Eventually we have to accept it, because Scripture will not be wrong.

Nonsense, scripture is wrong on so many things it's hard to pick just a few examples, but how about how rabbits chew the cud, and bats are birds.

You cannot change the Word of God.

The so-called word of God has done more evolving than homo sapiens have. There are over 5,000 Greek copies of the Gospels, going back as far as 300 CE, and yet no two of them are the same. There are in fact more differences in the Gospels we have from antiquity than there are words in the New Testament.

Evolution was not possible(an understatement)

Please provide your evidence that shows how evolution through natural selection is impossible, and then explain ERVs in the human and chimp genome.

Creation is what happened.

And your evidence for this creation thing you claim occurred is what, exactly..? Please keep in mind that scripture is not evidence, it is an assertion.

Nature programs, for example, should not speak in terms of us having evolved. It's by far not proven, never will be.

No, it has been proven by every available piece of evidence, and by all other sciences as a fact. But don't take my word for it, you can read all about it in every textbook in the world on biology, genetics, botany, microbiology, paleontology, anthropology, and taxonomy.

There is no missing link.

Hogwash. The so-called missing link is just one more link in the chain that shows our lineage from the first protohuman (australopithicus aforensis), to homo habilus, to homo erectus, to the present homo sapien sapien. If all the skulls from the original common ancestor to the present day modern man were lined up in a row, you and others like you would still declare there was a missing link.

Fossils don't fit into Darwin's puzzle- something he wanted, but could not have;

The fossil record supports Darwins theory perfectly. There are no bunnies in the Cambrian.

because it's not like that at all.

The fossil record follows exactly what we would expect if Darwin's theory is right, which it has been proven to be.

Anyone with an idea of the complexity of DNA will know it could not have come about by itself.

That is not a part of the Theory of Evolution through natural selection, which only explains the diversity of life on this planet. That is the story of abiogenesis, and although not a complete theory yet, it is only a matter of time and then where will your God of the gaps hide..?

That 1 example is more than enough-how many are there?

How many wrong-headed ideas do you have about evolutionary theory..? One can only guess.

The only possible explanation is that of a Supreme Being.

Or super intelligent space aliens that created us through panspermia, or magic pixies, or any one of a hundred gods with a creation myth.

The Creator, God. His Word(the Bible)/His Son, is not just there for nothing.

How do you know..? Maybe it's all a myth, created as a means of controlling the less intelligent.

It's not a bunch of people who've made things up;

Why not..?

that's also not possible. The prophesies therein have been fulfilled... even from old to new testaments.

No so-called prophecies have been fulfilled, including the one about returning before everyone in earshot has tasted of death.

Other things have yet to take place.

Other things..? Could you be a little less obscure..?

Some of us cause others to believe, through promptings from the Holy Spirit and prayer, etc.

Hardly likely, since you know so little about science or I dare say your own Bible. Prayer has been shown through testing to be less capable than chance at intervening in our lives. There is no Holy Spirit.

Others have had good and faithful parents.

So what..? You think that this is some sort of argument or evidence..?

Some have gone through horrible times and called upon the Name of the Lord, and seeked Him out.

I'm sure you mean sought him out, but no matter. So in the past uneducated and gullible people asked for divine intervention because they had been brainwashed from the time they were children that this deity would help them in times of trouble. Doesn't this fly in the face of your belief that God is omnipotent, and is responsible for everything that happens..? Didn't your God put those people in those positions to begin with..? Doesn't your God have some cosmic plan for them..? How dare they try to get your God to change his cosmic plan to suit their momentary desires.

People who don't beleive may either be clever or not. But that has nothing to do with why they don't believe.

Clever, is a word that has gotten a bad rap. However, if you change the word to educated then nothing could be further from the truth. It is exactly why some don't believe and others do.

They don't because they don't want to believe.

Nonsense. We don't choose to believe anything. We are convinced, sometimes by good evidence and sometimes by bad evidence, but we never choose to believe. Can you choose not to believe in gravity..?

Changes take place in people's lives when(and after) they get born again and baptized.

The "changes" are entirely in your imagination, and the imaginations of others.

Where do you want to go? You can gamble with a couple of quid mate, but please don't do that with your everlasting soul.

There is no such thing as the soul.

It's worth more than all the wealth in the world. Life is much more prescious than we realize.

I agree, but then that's not what your Bible says, is it..? The Bible expresses the belief that the life we have here is worthless, it's only the afterlife that matters, right..? Have you forgotten what your savior told you about not caring for anything in this life..?

Don't trade it for some insane theory.

The theory of evolution is perfectly sane. It's those that believe in a sky-daddy who poofed everything into existence ex nilho that are insane.

Even if 1 could get incredibly rich and powerful, that won't help him/her out of hel.

There is no Hell or Heaven, it's just the myths of Bronze age people who couldn't explain the natural occurences around them.

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04-09-2014 6:39 AM
Reply to: Message 20 by RAZD
04-08-2014 2:06 PM

Re: 33% of Americans are delusional
Thanks for the assistance. My remark that only 1/3 of Americans accept the theory of evolution was from the PEW research poll, where 1/3 accepted evolution, 1/3 believed in creationism, and 1/3 weren't sure or thought both deserved equal treatment.

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