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Author Topic:   Human Induced Global warming is just another conjob for the ignorant.
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01-14-2014 4:03 PM
Reply to: Message 12 by RAZD
01-12-2014 3:42 PM

Re: Why?
I agree things will be expensive if we can do anything about it , but don't.

However, I think people are short sighted, and greedy. It won't be unless there is immediate economic reasons to do it that people will. It has to be good for their short term economic issues, because they won't believe the long term issues (propaganda by the oil companies).

Now, I think a con job is being done. I just disagree on who is doing the con job.

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01-14-2014 4:17 PM
Reply to: Message 20 by jar
01-12-2014 6:26 PM

Re: It is still true that we can only address the human induced part.
I disagree. There are some countries out there that are making signifigent strides.. (The US is not one of them). Germany has moved a lot of their power production to solar.

There are also some emerging technologies that might be interesting.

For example http://www.proterro.com/ has bioengineered blue-green algae to produce to 'sweat' sucrose instead of having to extract it. This allows them to produce sugar at about 5 cent a pound.. and they are building a pilot facility in Flordia that does so http://www.proterro.com/...t-International-Sugar-Journal.pdf

Now, if this takes off, they can make ethanol, or there are companies that use sugar to convert it directly to gasoline. Depending on the success of that, we can get source of carbon neutral gasoline that does not depend on fossil fuels.

Then, there is the advances in Fuel Cells.. ... Redox power has found a way to make fuel cells operate at a much lower temperature, which lets them make them using steel casing, instead of more exotic and expensive alloys (potentially.. they are bringing products online this year).


There is also the potential for the graphene super capacitors to make battery storage much more effective and cheaper.. and also the quest to make cheap hydrogen production.

There are a lot of exciting technologies that are showing up.. and one or the other is likely to succeed (much to the oil companies dismay).

Right now, it is looking to see which of these technologies can make it in the market place. They all have their advantages, and all have their pit falls. But, with oil only getting harder to extract from the gorund and more expensive, one of these technologies will succeed.

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