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Author Topic:   Loony Of The Week
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Message 586 of 587 (866374)
11-10-2019 12:59 PM
Reply to: Message 567 by Faith
11-09-2019 4:10 PM

Re: Gay Knees?
... the donor's orientation concerns the possibility of getting HIV or AIDS in a blood transfusion

Ironically, lesbians had the lowest instances of HIV, so getting blood or transplant tissue from a gay female would be safest.

AIDS spread mainly through the male gay community through male homosexual contact, then to heterosexual females through heterosexual contact with an infected male, then to heterosexual males through heterosexual contact with an infected heterosexual female.

Homosexual females who keep straight on their relationships (ie, only having sex with other homosexual females) would be the safest from infection. Not only would it be more difficult for AIDS to enter the lesbian community, but it would also be more difficult for it to spread.

So then "gay knees" from a lesbian would be the safest bet for avoiding catching AIDS through the transplant. But then we have already established that there's no such thing and that the knees would be artificial.

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 Message 567 by Faith, posted 11-09-2019 4:10 PM Faith has not yet responded

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11-10-2019 1:27 PM
Reply to: Message 582 by Faith
11-10-2019 9:20 AM

Re: Gay Knees?
Faith writes:

That is slander/libel is it not?

It's humor riffing off your homophobia (yes, we know, you're not homophobic, you've told us, right after you've told us all the rights you deny LBGTQ people).

How does one slander/libel an anonymous person?


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 Message 582 by Faith, posted 11-10-2019 9:20 AM Faith has not yet responded

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