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Author Topic:   SCIENCE: -- "observational science" vs "historical science" vs ... science.
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02-14-2014 2:43 AM
Reply to: Message 104 by Faith
02-12-2014 6:04 PM

Re: Science? Ha!
There is not one useful constructive thing you can do with the ToE. All the genuine sciences it affects are merely corrupted by it, but they manage to contribute valid information in spite of it. But the ToE is a lie, the most pernicious delusion ever foisted on humanity, supported nevertheless by a whole battalion of scientists who pride themselves on their ability to think but can't think their way out of this tissue of cobwebs, this sheer fantasy. They just go on believing in it because there is no clear way to prove it wrong, because it IS all nothing but imaginative interpretation, so every fact that comes to hand gets swallowed up by it. And meanwhile it goes on destroying culture, human dignity, social stability, the meaning of life, and Truth. And you all aggressively defend it.

You misinterpret DNA, you misinterpret mutations, you misinterpret the fossils, you misinterpret the strata, you misinterpret the archaeological record, you misinterpret history, you get it all wrong but you hate those so much who try to show it to you there's no saving you from it.

So stew in it.

You have thrown wild accusations - it is actually becoming your MO. This one is most likely one of the most blatantly false of your ramblings.

In scientific world the possibility of bringing forth something totally new is pursued every day and it is what makes science such a powerful tool in explaining what we have around and in us. You make it sound as if there is a worldwide delusion added with conspiracy to not allow the Bible in the scientific process.

You have strong faith and conviction and I applaud you for it per se but have you ever considered that basically every other person, whether scientist or layman, who disagrees with you might be the ones who are right? Could it be that scientists are not deluded or wicked but actually good at their work and as ethical persons honest?

Your second to last paragraph was just unbelievable - in the real world things are just the opposite, christianity is a delusion that is only tolerated because of its somewhat benign nature and above all its popularity.

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 Message 104 by Faith, posted 02-12-2014 6:04 PM Faith has not yet responded

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