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Author Topic:   Why flood geology doesn't work, oil exploration as the example
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01-18-2016 2:09 AM
Reply to: Message 75 by Dr Adequate
01-18-2016 1:46 AM

Re: Faith-Based Stratigraphy
Oh blithering blather. The creationists in question were the scientists of the day. The noncreationist scientist parties didn't have any sensible theories either, but it's the supposed creationists with their unbiblical thinking that bother me more.

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Edited by Faith, : No reason given.

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03-25-2016 4:20 PM
Reply to: Message 74 by Faith
01-18-2016 12:50 AM

Re: Faith-Based Stratigraphy
Hi, I'm curious about the statement that mountains were much lower in the past... is that scientific or biblically based and what is the reference please?
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03-26-2016 8:32 AM
Reply to: Message 77 by PrimeEvil
03-25-2016 4:20 PM

Re: Faith-Based Stratigraphy
Faith has flounced out.

The reference is "anything needed to support my claims must have happened".

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