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Author Topic:   Cosmos with Neil DeGrass Tyson
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Message 107 of 206 (723592)
04-03-2014 7:47 PM
Reply to: Message 100 by NoNukes
04-02-2014 10:12 AM

Re: Episode 4
Taq writes:

It's interesting history and all, but would love to see more science.

NoNukes writes:

I understand why the show cannot be filled with mathematics. But perhaps just a little detail on one or two items. Anything more and people are just going to switch off.

i feel the same way. it's great at inspiring the necessary wonder and imagination... but it'd be great if it would touch at least a little on why we know some of these things.

That brief mention of YEC seemed like a pretty thorough pounding to me. Nothing new for any of the posters here, but still a pretty explicit labeling of the idea of a 6-7000 year old universe as ridiculous. What struck me was that the debunking could have easily be omitted. It seems like the producers and Tyson are picking a fight.

the first episode had creationists foaming at the mouth, for saying that science considers all ideas... and the not including theirs. creationism, of course, isn't included because it has failed as science, and it's worthwhile to show some reasons regarding why that is.


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04-09-2014 10:29 PM
Reply to: Message 111 by RAZD
04-08-2014 5:18 PM

Re: "Your Inner Fish"--3-part series on evolution hosted by Tiktaalik co-discoverer
i dunno, this doesn't make me hopeful:

with the description on facebook:

Part reptile, part mammal, Tritheledont was a creature right on the cusp of the transition from reptile to mammal. Learn more about its remarkable anatomy when YOUR INNER FISH premieres Wednesday, April 9 at 10/9c on PBS.

hopefully with a paleontologist like shubin on the show, they can get some of this stuff right.


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