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Author Topic:   Could asteroids lead to the extinction of YECism ?
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03-19-2014 11:51 PM
Reply to: Message 7 by Faith
03-19-2014 11:19 PM

Re: Origin of asteroids in the Flood
I don't have a position on the view I referenced, thought perhaps others here might. The point is mainly that the view presented earlier in this thread as the creationist view isn't representative. If nobody has an opinion then nobody has an opinion, but the creationist view appears to be something other than previously presented.
If you have taught us nothing else, you have taught us that there is no single creationist view (although there is a dominant creationist method).
In terms of view, there is only that which sounds good to the particular creationist stating his/her view, and this is subject to change at any time for any, or no, reason.
The criteria seem to be: 1) the view must conform to the creationist's often unique interpretation of the bible/scripture/dogma, 2) the view must sound good to the creationist involved, and 3) no real world evidence is needed. The goal is not necessarily to convince others, but to reinforce the creationist's personal beliefs.
I'm sure you won't agree with this, but this is what I have seen in a lot of threads on several different websites. Creationists are doing religious apologetics, the exact opposite of science. But they have to try and convince themselves that their views are supported by science because science has a reputation for accuracy and they want to associate themselves with that even if it means destroying science in the process.
So, with regard to the moon and the asteroids, I have no doubt that YEC creationists will come up with a way that all of the impacts happened within a YEC framework, no matter how silly the reasoning or how far the facts have to be stretched.

Religious belief does not constitute scientific evidence, nor does it convey scientific knowledge.
Belief gets in the way of learning--Robert A. Heinlein
How can I possibly put a new idea into your heads, if I do not first remove your delusions?--Robert A. Heinlein
It's not what we don't know that hurts, it's what we know that ain't so--Will Rogers
If I am entitled to something, someone else is obliged to pay--Jerry Pournelle
If a religion's teachings are true, then it should have nothing to fear from science...--dwise1
"Multiculturalism" does not include the American culture. That is what it is against.

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