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Author Topic:   Christian Superhero Fred Phelps is no longer with us
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03-21-2014 9:09 AM
Reply to: Message 27 by DevilsAdvocate
03-21-2014 8:19 AM

DevilsAdvocate writes:
The Methodist Church has many gay members. Some denominations have gay pastors. Yes those people in those denominations really hate their gay pastors.
In my country, we had the curious example of the Reverend Ecclesia de Lange .
Gay marriages are legal here. The Reverend Ecclesia de Lange was a Minister of a Methodist Church, who announced that she wanted to marry her live-in girlfriend. Then she got disciplined.
From the source
In other words, the church was upset by the fact that she wanted to formalise her same sex relationship and that she was honest about this relationship with the members of her congregation. If she had been dishonest and had not announced her impending marriage to the congregation, she might never have been disciplined. This suggests that the Methodist Church was deeply hypocritical and essentially punished its ministers for being honest about their same sex relationships. And there I was, thinking that churches usually insisted on honesty and truth, not on deceit and subterfuge; that they insisted that people who love each other get married rather than live together without getting married.
I'm not too sure how this can be explained by a lot of Christians. For her to live with her girlfriend in the official church manse was OK (even a sin, but acceptable); but for her to marry was supposedly wrong (not acceptable).
So, I'm not too sure whether this constitutes hate against gays or not. It does point to a dislike of what gays do in the privacy of their homes. And to discrimination against some people. Discrimination usually subtly and not-so-subtly points to hate.
What does who she wanted to marry have to do with anyone else, anyway?
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