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Author Topic:   Some water measurements for the Flood
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06-20-2014 3:38 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Faith
06-19-2014 6:25 AM

An inch a minute all over the earth would be
Sixty inches an hour or five feet an hour
Ten feet in two hours, twenty in four, forty in eight,
120 feet in 24 hours. Or 4800 feet by the end of the forty days and nights of the rainfall. That would pretty well cover the pre-Flood mountains which weren’t anywhere near as high as the mountains we have now that were formed by tectonic force.

0.025 metres a minute would be
1.5 metres an hour
36 metres in a day
1,440 metres in 40 days

Just for the SI fans.

Incidentally, educated estimates of mountain heights don't seem to enter into writing until the Greeks around 4th Century BC which is considerably after anyone else. How do you know the height of Himalayan mountains in whenever, 2300 BC?

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