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Author Topic:   More on Diet and Carbohydrates
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09-04-2014 7:55 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Coyote
09-02-2014 12:35 AM

Re: On fats (yum!)

Some years ago I was reading about the Louis and Clark Expedition and was amazed to find out that they ate about 9 pounds of meat per person per day.

This got tough to maintain in the mountains, and although they killed more animals than I have in a lifetime in a single day, the men talked Louis and Clark into allowing them to kill one of the horses because there wasn't enough food.

So much for the balanced diet.....and I'm sure none of these guys were fat........and I'm also sure they could easily kick the shit out of you or me.

About 15 years ago I went on a diet of only eating things that were available in Eastern Europe in 1000AD. I should be adapted to all those things. Then added things from the New World or other areas and watched my bodies response to these things. I found this interesting in that there are some things I shouldn't eat even though they don't cause an allergic response, but they do affect my physical well being..

One is tomatoes the other is oranges

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09-29-2015 2:00 PM
Reply to: Message 206 by Percy
09-24-2015 8:22 AM

How to lose weight...for sure

This is the method I came up with for losing weight. It has worked for everyone that I have explained it to. It requires no calorie counting (something I know nothing about) or restricting the types of food you eat, other than don't eat sugar. So I eat whatever I like once a day for supper. Could be steak, a baked potato with butter, green beans and cauliflower with browned butter and a salad with French dressing, or stir fry or spaghetti.........doesn't matter.

Third week in March this year I am at the doc's..holy shit I weigh 217 lbs, never weighed that much. Of more concern is my blood pressure is 153/95 and he wants to give me meds. I've never had high blood pressure. So I tell him no meds, I'll lose weight. He doesn't believe me, and for good reason since he knows your stats on how well losing weight works.

August 15th this year 180 lbs, blood pressure 122/64. I am at a plateau of 180 right now but should be down to 165 by the end of the year which for me at 6 feet tall is no fat at all on me. That's 37 lbs in a bit over 4 months. Pant size 40 tight down to 36 loose.

This is what I do and it is based on a book I read back in the 70's on fasting. If you fast your tongue will turn white because you are consuming body fat. This appears to be true for everyone. So I applied this idea to dieting. I eat my one meal(and it could be very large depending on how much physical work I'm doing) but if I have not eaten too much sometime during the next day my tongue will start to get coated white. I shoot for noon to 1PM which means I'm living on body fat about 25% of the day. If you eat too much your tongue may not start to get coated till maybe 5 or 6 PM or not at all.

Compared to any kind of diet a doc puts you on or you read about this gives you a way within 24 hours to see if you have eaten too much. So if your tongue doesn't start to get coated before your next meal you need to skip it or make it small and see what time the next day your tongue starts to get coated.

This also allows for adjusting for your physical activity. You need more food if you are working hard. No problem just make sure your tongue is coated before your next meal. It means that even for a small part of the day you are using body fat.

I have since March eaten everything you can probably imagine including apple pie or peach or pumpkin with ice cream, or ice cream with various fruits. I know I said no sugar, but who cares....this is not exactly a "diet...ALL that matters is if your tongue gets coated the next day. If it does you are consuming body fat and what you ate doesn't make a difference.

A note for anyone who wants to try this it may take up to 3 days of not eating much to see your tongue get coated. Once that happens just make sure you keep it going the following day after you eat. You don't have to do anything else.

BTW I did this in 1980 with my friend Bob. We ate stir fry every night. a full 3 inch by 15 inch skillet of food. Close to a pound of meat with the rest being vegetables, carrots, cauliflower,cabbage, green beans, onions, green peppers etc. Then I would drink a bottle of wine and he would do the better part of a six pack of beer as we BS'ed. We both lost over 20 in 4 months. BUT the tongue has to get coated sometime during the following day, that's all you have to do.

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