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Author Topic:   Climate Change Denier comes in from the cold: SCIENCE!!!
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03-08-2020 10:11 PM
Reply to: Message 664 by marc9000
03-08-2020 9:53 PM

Can people move from country to country to be comfortable
I remember when I first started hearing that Americans critical of their own country should leave the country and live in another.

The problem is BORDERS ARE NOT OPEN.

But from a human rights and wants point of view, it would make sense to allow the cards in the deck to reshuffle. That is people should be able to move freely so everybody can be comfortable and live harmoniously.

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03-08-2020 10:24 PM
Reply to: Message 665 by marc9000
03-08-2020 10:04 PM

Green New Deal possibilities.
I cannot quote but I just looked at 2019 energy by source.

Fossil fuels are 62.7 percent of the energy on the grid. Natural gas 38.4 and coal 23.5

Nuke plants are 19.7

Renewable is 17.5
Wind 7.3
Solar 1.8
Hydro 6.6
Biomas 1.4
Geothermal 0.4

Renewable produce one third of fossil fuels.

So it should be possible to triple them by 2030 and replace fossil fuels.

Very possible.

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 Message 665 by marc9000, posted 03-08-2020 10:04 PM marc9000 has not yet responded

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