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Author Topic:   Climate Change Denier comes in from the cold: SCIENCE!!!
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08-09-2021 6:27 PM
Reply to: Message 856 by AZPaul3
08-09-2021 3:19 PM

Re: In the End, Death s the Cure
In the book "Our Final Warning" Mark Lynas goes through the effects of 1,2,3,4,5,&6 deg C of warming on the planet. He had an earlier book about 14 years ago, and some things he had in 4 deg then he has moved to 2 in this book so quickly things are moving.
It was written before Australia's disastrous fires and he expected them at 3 deg.

Our Australian politicians do not seem to care that even at 1.5 most of the Great Barrier Reef is gone, and at 2 virtually total is. Australia itself is already at 1.4.

And whatever level we possibly stabilise the temperature, ice cap
melting and sea level rise for centuries are locked in.
We are truly stuffed. I am at the tail end of my life but l feel for the future.

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