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Author Topic:   Earth science curriculum tailored to fit wavering fundamentalists
Tempe 12ft Chicken
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02-13-2015 9:57 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by ThinAirDesigns
02-13-2015 8:31 AM

Age Correlations
ThinAirDesigns writes:
Initially forget anything related to billions of years — that just blows their minds. I just need them to question 6,000 years. If I can get them to consider 20,000 years it blows their familiar model to bits and that's all I need — the sky is the limit after that. I really think dendrochronology may be the key to this, followed by C14 (I can hear them howl already lol), varves and ice cores. I actually am asking to open this thread because of the apparent emphasis and knowledge of some of the active EvC members on these dating sciences.
There are some threads that have been started on this site with a wealth of information about ways that the correlations between dating different dating methods, such as varves and dendrochronology, show that the Earth must be at least a certain amount of years old. I believe they were started and are maintained by RAZD, so he may have more information, but to at least reach one version of the threads, you can go here:
Message 1
This link will take you to the first message in Age Correlations and an Old Earth (ver 2 no 1). You can use this thread title to find the remaining threads that deal with this topic.
ThinAirDesigns writes:
To get past the biblical flood notion, education on how geological layers form starting with the dramatic examples (chalk, etc). You don't get the White Cliffs of Dover by mixing everything up in a flood bucket and letting it settle out. Then perhaps the fossil distribution throughout the layers sorted by complexity .
Dr Adequate created a great thread that worked to give people the basics in geology, which will help see how the Flood simply would not leave the evidence in the way we currently see it.
Message 1
Here is the first message in that thread, which has an amazing wealth of knowledge about the science of geology and how information is gained through the study of rocks. I think that the best means is to help the individual get an understanding of how the inferences and answers are being found within the information and how that information is gathered, so both of these threads provide an overview and give the person tools to personally increase their knowledge.

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