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Author Topic:   Origin of the Flood Layers
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Message 215 of 409 (753104)
03-16-2015 9:09 PM
Reply to: Message 214 by Faith
03-16-2015 9:00 PM

Re: What-ifs
You never know, one of these days such a what-if may actually present itself with the inescapable evidence I've been hoping to find.

Yea thats the beauty of science, there is no absolute truth everything can be questioned. But until that day comes we stick wit the theory that fits and works.

Christianity, One woman's lie about an affair that got seriously out of hand

What are the Christians gonna do to me ..... Forgive me, good luck with that.

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 Message 214 by Faith, posted 03-16-2015 9:00 PM Faith has not yet responded

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