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Author Topic:   Galileo Was Wrong, Okay?
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07-01-2015 8:42 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by Suzanne Romano
06-30-2015 12:45 PM

In this reviewer's(*) judgment the arguments presented for the geocentric model are convincing. ...

(*) - electrical engineer's. Appeal to authority: a logical fallacy that is only potentially valid if the authority is speaking in their realm of authority and then is discussing facts not their opinions.

... The fact is that the relativity principle obviates the heliocentric model just as much as it supports that model. ...

Because both are wrong\incomplete and neither explains all the facts.

... But if the universe is infinite and unbounded and has no center, then neither geocentrism nor heliocentrism is valid. ...

Showing that heleocentrism is invalid does not magically make geocentrism valid.

... The problem for science is that there are inconsistencies within the heliocentric system of thought, and these need to be corrected. Adopting geocentrism is a simple way to fix the problems. The film is a step towards accomplishing this.

Adopting the geocentrist concepts does in no way solve the relativistic problems of the heliocentric model. Neither of these models explained the orbits of the planets, because they used circles for the orbits. When Newton figured out the orbits were elliptical it was a step forward, but that still did not explain the orbit of Mercury.


At its introduction in 1915, the general theory of relativity did not have a solid empirical foundation. It was known that it correctly accounted for the "anomalous" precession of the perihelion of Mercury and on philosophical grounds it was considered satisfying that it was able to unify Newton's law of universal gravitation with special relativity. ...

This relativistic approach works because of the extreme mass of the sun relative to the planets, distorting space. Thus the "correction" of the mercury orbital anomaly is evidence of the mass of the sun, a "correction" that is not possible to explain with either the heliocentric model or the geocentric model, but which does show that the heliocentric model is closer to reality than the geocentric model.

Science builds on former knowledge, each step taken is made possible by the advances of the previous steps, by taking what is not fully explained by the previous models and finding an explanation that takes care of the anomolies and incorporates the valid elements of the previous models.

The relativistic model incorporates the Newtonian model and resolves the mercury anomoaly, the Newtonian model incorporates the Copernician model and resolves the epicycle anomaly. The Copernician model incorporates the planets of the geocentric model and resolves the retrograde anomalies.

The thesis of the film is that the most current scientific research does not support the heliocentric model that is accepted as correct by the scientific community. ...

Which is a strawman fallacy problem -- the heliocentric model has been discarded by science, just as the geocentric model was discarded, because it was incomplete in explaining all the evidence -- and problems with the heliocentric model certainly does not make the geocentric model more valid than current scientific theory.


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