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Author Topic:   How does a flood ...
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04-05-2016 8:33 PM

One Post as Percy
I'm still moderating this thread, but I'm making this one post as Percy because Faith mentioned me in her Message 95:

Faith in Message 95 writes:

As I recall I've many times laid out a complete scenario for the Flood and even Percy once said it suffices as a model, though I'm unable to find where he said it, so your constant refrain that I haven't is false.

There's no question that many of Faith's ideas can be tested, i.e., a model, but in my view they've already failed any tests, and many of them violate one or more laws of nature.

Faith also mentioned Walther's Law, and since I participated in discussions with Faith on this topic I will add that I don't think she understands it yet.

Please, no replies to this message. I'm moderating, not participating.


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