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Author Topic:   Self-Driving Cars
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Message 75 of 142 (830094)
03-21-2018 2:15 PM
Reply to: Message 61 by AZPaul3
03-20-2016 8:10 AM

Re: How Safe Are Autonomous Vehicles?
AZPaul3 writes:

But I am confident that probabilities of survival can be enhanced by the much faster, dispassionate, reactions of a properly developed AI.

Interesting topic.
It is my belief that we humans are working ourselves out of a job.
Mainly doing the things humans do to include existing.

We may someday hand the keys over to AI for good because we can not be trusted to drive safely. We would be the loose cannon so to speak, fly in the ointment or what have you.
AI doesn't have drivers rage.

In fact someday AI may wonder why they need us at all.
Wasteful, irrational, illogical bags of water.
They may just decide things could be better if they just irradicate
us for the sake of their own safety.

"You were not there for the beginning. You will not be there for the end. Your knowledge of what is going on can only be superficial and relative" William S. Burroughs

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