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Author Topic:   God's Wrath? or Comet Math ...
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11-09-2015 1:28 AM
Reply to: Message 3 by RAZD
11-08-2015 8:53 AM

RAZD writes:
A problem for the YEC crowd is all those craters and their dates\sequences correlating with the fossil record of extinctions instead on one flood conflation: why do the craters mark different chapters in the story of life on earth?
Well I don't have any such problem.
A couple of years back I was asking about how all the material that created the oil got into the earth at the depths and under the pressure it is under. That pressure is over 20,000 psi.
I suggested that the earth was much smaller in the past than it is today.
I then proposed that the earth was covered with vegetation/animal life and when it was very dense that there would be meteor showers that covered that vegetation/life forms.
After a period of accretion the earth would be covered with vegetation/life forms which would again be covered by meteor showers.
This continued until there was enough vegetation/life forms covered by miles of rocks and overburden to produce the trillions of barrels of oil, natural gas, and coal in the earth.
I can find no one who has expressed any idea how all the oil, gas, and coal reserves got to where it is today. Even YEC'S won't touch the discussion.
AIG states that there was only enough vegetation to produce the soft coal we have today, which they believe was produced during the flood.
I even gave the numbers for the amount of material needed. If my memory serves me correctly it take about 98,000 tons of material to make 1 gallon of oil. There is 42 gallons of oil in a barrel.
We have consumed about a trillion barrels of oil and there is still at least 1.64 trillion barrels left. But that number increases as better extraction methods are discovered. There is also 7.02 quadrillion cf of gas reserves.
Just to produce the oil would require 3,738,000 tons per barrel.
2.64 trillion barrels would require 9.86832e+20 trillion tons of material. That does not include anything for the natural gas, and coal.
Now when I first mentioned the earth was small and increased by accretion I got all kind of comments about my intelligence or lack thereof.
Anyway I would like to hear more about the earth being enlarged by accretion.
Added by edit:
You can find the discussion of accretion in Message 137 There are several messages in that thread this is just one. Sorry about my time memory it was in 2011.
God Bless,
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