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Author Topic:   The Marketing Of Christianity
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10-11-2016 9:48 AM
Reply to: Message 369 by Phat
10-08-2016 11:32 AM

Re: God and suffering
Tangle writes:
I HAVE read the gospel and I conclude that it's a total fabrication. What's more I've read history and science so I know the evidence not just the propaganda.

Phat writes:
Then you are without excuse.

Well there it is...I can't get over this, even though I was waiting for it. Phat! He is without excuse? Before your God? When will he be without excuse? I assume when he stands before the Great White Throne on the Day of Judgment? That moment when you as a sheep will be rewarded, and Tangle the goat will be herded into the Lake of Fire to burn and suffer unmitigated torture until the end of...Oh wait, IT WILL NEVER END!

Tangle is having a polite, very civilized dialogue with you. Frankly, he's kicking your ass, but very politely. You have literally no answer for the point he is trying to clarify, and all you have left is to THREATEN HIM WITH ETERNAL TORTURE. This is sad and predictable. I have said this to Faith before. Behind your smiles lurk fangs. You are trying very hard to be polite, but this is nothing less than an oblique reference to his eternal suffering, and you should be horrified at this.

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"...heck is a small price to pay for the truth"

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