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Author Topic:   2016-2021 Best Posts Of The Month
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04-08-2016 9:19 AM

I want to renew this topic and add some more rules concerning behavior in this thread. Our old format was Post Of The Month, but i feel that if anyone sees a post that is too good to be missed, showcase it here.
Suggested Message Format:

Author: Author's Name
Forum: Forum where posted
Thread: Thread title
Message #: Number and Link to the nominated message

It would be tidy and helpful if you copy/paste the format above.

  • Any off topic comments or excessive comments by anyone other than the author of the topics nominated will be deleted.
  • If anyone agrees with a POTM nomination, simply click the like button. If you disagree with a POTM, keep quiet about it.
    Here are the 2016 nominations so far:

    1) Nominated by myself:

    Author: Rrhain
    Forum: Coffee House
    Thread: After Palmyra ISIS Targets Monuments on U.S. Soil
    Message #: 53

    Our thespian and wordsmith Rrhain did what I thought was a bang-up job on this post. The thread contained many points of view regarding symbolism, authoritarianism, fascism and free expression. The author of the thread, Jon, started with this observation:
    From petitioning university presidents to silence political speech to the destruction of historical sites thought heretical, the Fascist Left has been pulling pages right out of the books of some of history's greatest turds in their effort to shelter themselves and others from a world they find distasteful and - oh no! - offensive; to erase everything that does not align with their worldview.

    In my opinion, Rrhain made a strong case for what the Confederate Flag represents. The Comic he posted was the best part! Two thumbs up!
    2) Nominated by coyote:

    Author: dwise1
    Forum: Geology & The Great Flood
    Thread: How does a flood ...
    Message #:Message 86

    3) Nominated by jar:
    Author: Edge
    Forum: Geology and the Great Flood
    Thread: The Story in the Rocks - Southwestern U.S.
    Message #:Message 58

    jar writes:

    ... may be one of the most significant posts I've seen here at EvC.
    Wish I had done it.


    4) Nominated by anglagard:

    Author: Ringo
    Forum: Is It Science?
    Thread: Faith vs Science
    Message #: Message 4

    anglagard writes:

    Nailed the whole difference in 6 words. Succinct, effective, and flat out beautiful.

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