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Author Topic:   Faith vs Science
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08-04-2016 8:08 PM
Reply to: Message 106 by GDR
08-04-2016 6:54 PM

Assembly Lines
It is the equivalent of you understanding how a car is assembled on an assembly line and then using that for an argument that a car is simply the result of a chance combination of particles.

I think you have this mixed up no? If we understand how a car is assembled we obviously aren't arguing that is it a chance combination of parts delivered to the assembly line.

I presume you mean that we are arguing that the assembly line is the chance combination of particles/parts, yes?

But we do not know how the universe came into existence and is as it is. It is certainly possible that it both had to come into existence and this is the only way it could possibly be. That involves not freaky lucky event at all. We do not know.

You are saying that because we don't know then an intelligent agent is a likely explanation. That is, you want to put a god into this gap in our knowledge.

This argument as been used over and over again for millennia and it has proven to be poor reasoning and very poor theology over and over.

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