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Author Topic:   Faith vs Science
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08-18-2016 7:04 AM
Reply to: Message 153 by Tangle
08-18-2016 2:16 AM

Re: The Word Of The Day:Imagine
Tangle writes:

You know how this works Phat, it's your claim that the world worked in a different way than it does now some indeterminate time ago; I'm calling you on it, it's your job to demonstrate it.

Yes. Exactly. In economic geology we can demonstrate that the earth more-or- less worked the same way billions of years ago. Old earth methods and models work. We can more-or-less predict what's going to be found underground. No Spooks involved.

Unlike the non-scientific methods. They can't accurately predict anything. Anything can happen with their "models". They can't predict what's going to be found undergound at all. Just: anything can be found or not found.

That's about it. No use at all.

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