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Author Topic:   This Bathroom Law Confusion
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05-02-2016 8:37 AM

No more M/F bathrooms
Why don't we just get rid of Male and Female bathrooms already?
What's wrong with people that can't handle such a thing?
When I was in university (Toronto, Canada), I lived in a dorm that had males and females.
The bathroom was open to all.
No male bathroom, no female bathroom.
Everyone (50+ people on my floor) had access to the same 8 stalls in the same location.
College kids.
There was no sex in the bathrooms.
There was no trouble.
If there's an issue with people getting molested.. then make a law against molesting people.
Oh, is there one already? Then enforce it.
Anything beyond that is silly.
Silly things are generally backed by people who either don't understand, or they have another reason.

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 Message 68 by Faith, posted 05-02-2016 9:05 AM Stile has not replied

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05-02-2016 2:32 PM
Reply to: Message 72 by Faith
05-02-2016 11:03 AM

Re: No more M/F bathrooms
Faith writes:
I think mixing the sexes in bathrooms is barbaric. Families don't allow that. Sisters together, brothers together but not the two sexes together.
I suppose my family is barbaric, then.
And pretty much any house of anyone else's I've ever entered in my life.
Do you seriously have separate male/female bathrooms in your house?
this is something that I believe all cultures have recognized forever, but if not certainly the western cultures.
No, not at all.
First time used in the US -> 1887
First time used anywhere was in Europe -> 1739
Urinary Segregation
And, really, it was only widely used in the US since the 1920s.
Which means... the system of separate male/female bathrooms in North America is not even 100 years old, yet.
Heh... "forever"... your life isn't the only history of the world
Stalls provide some privacy but the walls are not all that sturdy and usually allow visibility under and over to anyone caring to check it out.
The solution of separate male/female bathrooms is useless, though. A bad female could still "get you" in a female-only bathroom. Or, really, a man who doesn't care about molesting you probably doesn't care what stick-figure is glued to the door outside either.
Better solution: Make it illegal to molest people in any bathroom.
Equally enforceable, but covers even more issues.
Also.. it's already a law, yay!
Are there urinals in this co-ed bathroom? If not, that says something about why we don't mix the sexes in itself. Privacy IS important, why push the envelope?
Nope. No urinals. I don't understand a problem with not having urinals.
Are there showers in this bathroom? In the one I mentioned the partitions, again, like the usual toilet stalls, didn't provide privacy to the extent of keeping someone from checking out the neighboring shower if desired, and there were no doors on them, just a thin curtain. If there is more privacy than that in the co-ed situation, again that says something about the need for privacy and why not have the traditional separate bathrooms in that case?
Yes, showers. Full walls between shower stalls, just a curtain to the entrance of each shower.
Again... same problem with female-only or male-only showers. A bad person isn't stopped by a sign on a door, and even if so, a bad female in a female-only shower area can still molest anyone.
Better solution: Make it illegal to molest people in any shower.
Equally enforceable, but covers even more issues.
Also.. it's already a law, yay!
What is accomplished by forcing the sexes to be together if you have to make an effort to keep them apart even in that situation, and if no effort is made, is it really the case that you can watch someone else shower, women wash themselves at the sinks in the view of everybody, urinals are used in the view of everybody?
If you're concerned about viewing... shower in the showers.. not the sink.
And don't have urinals.
If you're not concerned about viewing (topless women are perfectly legal in most civilized countries... America might catch up one day...), congratulations! You're likely a mature, normal adult.
If not, if privacy about these things matters, why not just have the usual separate bathrooms where privacy is easier to protect?
That's exactly what I'm advocating.
One big bathroom, stalls for everyone.
Builders don't have to waste money on two separate rooms, no "long line" for the women's bathroom only, stalls all around! Everybody wins!
The solution is so simple, it boggles the mind this has gone on for almost 100 years.

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 Message 72 by Faith, posted 05-02-2016 11:03 AM Faith has replied

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 Message 88 by Faith, posted 05-02-2016 2:41 PM Stile has replied

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05-03-2016 9:31 AM
Reply to: Message 88 by Faith
05-02-2016 2:41 PM

Re: No more M/F bathrooms
Faith writes:
I'm not talking particularly about "bad" people, mostly about privacy and the different needs of the two sexes, and let me add the different sexual interests and curiosity of the sexes fer cryin out loud.
If we're not talking about "bad" people... than what's the problem?
If nothing bad is taking place, then the "privacy" issue is a strange one for certain people... those people should not use public bathrooms. They can deal with their "privacy" issues on their own.
Of course there's different sexual interests and curiosities.
And that's just fine. Anyone's "privacy issues" that extends into some personal idea that someone else *might* be sexually interested in them so they want to have those people forced away... that's their own personal issue to deal with. Not something to force on the rest of the public to mitigate.
As long as nothing bad is happening, of course.
And when you talk about both sexes in families sharing the bathroom I don't think you mean at the same time do you?
No, not at the same time.
Just like in any co-ed bathrooms, no one uses the same stall or same shower at the same time.
You don't need two completely separate rooms in order to accomplish this, you only need normal people who aren't "bad."
It's exactly the same as home bathrooms.
And again, the good news is that if any bad people come along... there's already laws in place to have them arrested.

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 Message 88 by Faith, posted 05-02-2016 2:41 PM Faith has replied

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 Message 102 by Faith, posted 05-03-2016 4:41 PM Stile has seen this message but not replied

Member (Idle past 158 days)
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From: Ontario, Canada
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05-04-2016 10:20 AM
Reply to: Message 106 by Faith
05-03-2016 5:43 PM

Faith writes:
If that was true there would be no need for this discussion or for anybody getting freaked out when they see a man in women's clothing in the women's room because that would not occur. But it does, and THAT's the situation we're trying to address.
We're addressing some people getting freaked out?
Then the answer is for those people to calm down and deal with their own issues.
The answer is NOT to accommodate these loony's by creating actual laws that cause a lot more issues than they solve. All for the sake of placating a handful of people who can't control themselves?
The people getting freaked out simply need to learn how to be a normal, mature, functioning adult.
There's classes for that, if they need help.

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 Message 106 by Faith, posted 05-03-2016 5:43 PM Faith has not replied

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