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Author Topic:   Have quantum interpretations been experimentally verified?
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10-12-2018 8:29 AM
Reply to: Message 54 by Son Goku
10-11-2018 2:54 AM

Quantum Entanglement Question
Hi Son Goku.

Since you are our resident physics expert, I had a question for you:

Do you have any references that explain the concept of quantum entanglement in a concise way? The aspect of it that I find most fascinating is how entanglement seems to be independent of the distance separated between particles. So in essence, two entangled particles separated by light years do not seem to be beholden to the speed of light threshold.

Would be interested in hearing you elaborate on that or point me to a reference that explains it in detail.

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Posts: 973
From: Central Florida, USA
Joined: 09-13-2013

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10-13-2018 12:03 PM
Reply to: Message 56 by Son Goku
10-13-2018 6:33 AM

Re: Quantum Entanglement Question
There are other explanations possible, they are:
(a) Space is structured in such a way that the signal can pass without going faster than light, e.g. there are loads of mini-wormholes everywhere
(b) The signal moves faster than light (discussed above)
(c) Every time you make a measurement there are several worlds created
(d) The particles send signals not faster than light, but back in time
(e) There is no objective mechanical/mathematical/physical explanation of these coincidences between the particles values

Interesting summary. Thank you for the details and the video link.

The options in the list to explain the phenomenon are difficult to quantify. Some of them honestly come across as science fantasy to some degree. I think option 'a' may seem to be the more viable of the options since space itself is not necessarily constrained by the speed of light threshold. At least, to my knowledge. I believe that's how mathematically they assert a warp drive could actually work.

To expand on this, and I am looking at this from my electrical engineering background. One of the things I often considered and I came across some videos discussing the topic as well is if it would be possible to create a communication device that could operate using entanglement. i.e. if you have a quantum radio and I have one as well which are both entangled with each other, could we actually use Morse code or some digital communication mechanism to communicate with each other instantaneously? Seems it would be a revolutionary concept from the standpoint of communication.

I am not sure if this is viable from the uncertainty principle standpoint. I came across some videos on youtube about this and some state it is viable and others say it isn't. This article I found on the web that states it isn't possible in any sense:


I would be curious to know your thoughts.

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