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Author Topic:   Is A Materialist View Less Parsimonious?
New Cat's Eye
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Message 36 of 42 (789199)
08-11-2016 4:27 PM
Reply to: Message 34 by mike the wiz
08-11-2016 3:40 PM

Re: Mind Over Matter
What I meant with the sand castle is that you would not believe a sand castle could be created by a random process but a sand castle is a relatively simple design, it has specified complexity and the goal is to mimic a castle. It has no contingency planning in case the tide comes in, it is made of the wrong material and is loose and can be damaged easily.
It also cannot self-replicate.
Do you have a different example of something that self-replicates that cannot build structures on its own?
The empirical evidence shows this progression is real because as we progress, it can be shown more and more intelligence is required for the progression.
Well no, we self-replicate. Our cells don't need something controlling them to make more cells.
1. To get a simple shape from doh, you need perhaps a baby to make them.
That's because doh doesn't self-replicate.
2. To get more complex shapes, that look like people, the child needs to grow more.
If the doh could self-replicate, then you wouldn't need a child to get more complex shapes.
So then, at every level, the previous ability in the preceding level, is logically insufficient.
That's because they don't self-replicate and you need something outside of it controlling it.
So then, as the progression increases, more and more and more intelligence, is demonstrably needed. but evolution has none, so it would be like saying, "for the best possible design, the requirement is the stage before the baby".
Yeah, evolution describes things that self-replicate. They don't need an outside controller to make more complex things.

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 Message 34 by mike the wiz, posted 08-11-2016 3:40 PM mike the wiz has not replied

New Cat's Eye
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Message 38 of 42 (789203)
08-11-2016 4:31 PM
Reply to: Message 35 by mike the wiz
08-11-2016 3:48 PM

Re: Every atom an assumption
If I have misunderstood a topic, prove your claim or STAND DOWN from the ad-hominem,
You talk about evolution as a random process. It is not.

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 Message 35 by mike the wiz, posted 08-11-2016 3:48 PM mike the wiz has not replied

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