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Author Topic:   Is A Materialist View Less Parsimonious?
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08-10-2016 3:39 AM

I fail to see why anyone would pretend otherwise unless they simply didn't want to acknowledge that fact because they know it heavily favours theism.
These kinds of statements are fairly commonly made by Creationists in these forum. But the form of the statement is ridiculous. Your inability to see something is very little argument that you are right.
Secondly, I think most people can count and would acknowledge the count of entities. However, Occam's razor is not sufficient to identify the correct theory, so perhaps you are wrong about what people admit or acknowledge.
Another issue is that there is an underlying assumption that science is in some way directed against religion because it generates different answers that theists propose. But is that really how scientists behave? Is there really any logical reason to assume so? Or is that simply further indication of forming an opinion without a true rational basis?
As a final point, the attempt to apply Occam's razor here is as poorly an attempt as I have ever seen. Yes, when formulating an hypothesis, you should endeavor to minimize the number of entities involved, but you should not do that by removing entities for which there is evidence. Such technique would be foolish and might lead to things like assuming that your 85 inch TV set was whisked away by magic despite evidence that somebody kicked in your door to gain entrance to your house while leaving behind several pairs of muddy footprints and fingerprints. The fact that the multiple man break-in theory requires several entities does not make it less reasonable than the magic theory.
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