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Author Topic:   Assumptions involved in scientific dating
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01-21-2018 10:56 PM
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01-21-2018 10:25 PM

Re: Questions
There were some dating problems with Volcanic ash, right?
I was trying to find a link on the issue.
This is one I found
plus this book covered the issue
Roger Lewin
2d edition
366 pages | 51 halftones, 9 line drawings | 6 x 9 | 1986, 1997
Bones of Contention is a behind-the-scenes look at the search for human origins. Analyzing how the biases and preconceptions of paleoanthropologists shaped their work, Roger Lewin's detective stories about the discovery of Neanderthal Man, the Taung Child, Lucy, and other major fossils provide insight into this most subjective of scientific endeavors. The new afterword looks at ways in which paleoanthropology, while becoming more scientific
in many ways, remains contentious.
"[An] un-put-downable book."John Gribbon, Times Educational Supplement
"Not just another 'stones and bones' account of human evolution. It is Lewin's thesis, amply demonstrated, that paleoanthropology is the most subjective of sciences because it engages the emotions of virtually everyone; and since the evidence is scrappy, interpretation is everything. . . . A splendid, stirring, and eye-opening account, to be devoured."Kirkus Reviews, starred review
"[Lewin shows] 'how very unscientific the process of scientific inquiry can be.'. . . Bones of Contention is . . . serious intellectual history."Edward Dolnick, Wall Street Journal
"[Lewin] documents his thesis in persuasive detail. . . . The reader is carried along by the power of Mr. Lewin's reporting."Robert Wright, New York Times Book Review
1. Bones of Contention
2. The Storytellers
3. The Taung Child: Rejection
4. The Taung Child: Acceptance
5. Rama's Ape: Resurrected
6. Rama's Ape: Destroyed
7. The Leakeys: Father
8. The Leakeys: Son
9. The KBS Tuff Controversy: Genesis
10. The KBS Tuff Controversy: Denouement
11. Lucy: The Naming
12. Lucy: The Response
13. Man's Place in Nature
Anthropology: Physical Anthropology
Biological Sciences: Natural History | Paleobiology, Geology, and Paleontology
Earth Sciences: Paleontology
History of Science
Bones of Contention: Controversies in the Search for Human Origins, Lewin
Here is a concern that Creationists often raise.
Amazon review snip
on page 194 (regarding the famous skull 1470): At a conference in Nairobi held in September 1973 they presented 41 separate age determinations on the KBS Tuff [where the skull was found] , WHICH VARIED BETWEEN 223 MILLION AND 0.91 MILLION years of age. What Lewin does NOT tell his readers is that such variation of radiometric dating results are the RULE across ALL of the scientific disciplines which use radiometric dating. The protagonists pick the dates they like and discard the rest of the dates that don’t conform to their pet theories, in this case 40 total other dating results discarded (!) based upon wholly subjective considerations. The trade secret of modern science is that radiometric dating is entirely useless and based on layer upon layer of assumptions.
Put this keyword into Google
kbs tuff origin of man bones of contention
Any, this is the sort of thing that concerns creationists.
Let questions be asked.
Don't worry so much about the theological motivation.
Just worry about the answers.

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