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Author Topic:   Why did we stop inventing gods?
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08-13-2016 11:35 PM

Universalist Gnostic Christian church
1) When Did We Stop Inventing Gods? New England Patriots Forum I can't see anyone replying to you here.
2) When Did We Stop Inventing Gods? David Icke Forum I had to look up who this even was. You are an all-inclusive troll,GIA!
He looks like a secular humanist New Age Guru that fits right up your alley, GIA> Why not stay at that Forum. Jesus rules here--as long as I am a religious moderator, at any rate.
(footnote: I responded to GIAs comments at other forums...but on this same topic. Please excuse any confusion)
I did catch one of your comments that struck my interest, however.
GIA writes:
Indeed there are many gods and idols popping up.
Yet idols are just that. Frauds. Hoaxes. There is only One God.
GIA writes:
I do not agree that one voice cannot change the beliefs of many.
Lets say that you were that one voice. What do you propose to change the beliefs of many from? What specifically do they believe that threatens you?
GIA writes:
What Einstein did for science and our scientific paradigm, one voice can do the same in changing our religious paradigm as well.
Again...change it to what?
GIA writes:
All that is required is for the people who are changed to get together and form a new and improved church.
Do you really expect people to suddenly agree on anything? If the church denominations that split up after Luther got knocked down and split the almighty Roman Church which had earlier split from the Eastern Orthodox church could never agree, what makes you think that your people who are changed going to agree on anything?
GIA writes:
My hope is that the all inclusive Universalist Gnostic Christian church will be that voice. I cannot see any other theology of philosophy that can do so.
OK you have your topic. I will not promote any other topics from you until this one gets at least 300 replies. Lets go with Comparative Religions.
Thread copied here from the Why did we stop inventing gods? thread in the Proposed New Topics forum.
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